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Microsofts SMS Organizer App Makes It Easier To Manage Messages On Android Devices

Microsofts SMS Organizer App Makes It Easier To Manage Messages On Android Devices

Mon, 12 Feb 2018 12:55:32  
Microsoft's Garage Project Team called Team Golconda developed an SMS Organizer app, which makes it easy to organize messages on Android devices. However, the messaging app is only available in India. (Thomas Ulrich, Pixabay)

From Google Hangouts to WhatsApp and Google Allo, t here are plenty of messaging apps available for Android devices.

However, most of the messaging apps on Google Play don't give users the ability to organize their SMS messages. Now, there's a messaging app that does just that, but it's only currently available in India.

Microsoft's SMS Organizer App Allows People To Achieve More

Called SMS Organizer, the new app was developed by Team Golconda, which is part of Microsoft Garage Project. The group is set out to find new ways to solve problems and empower people to achieve and do more.

"SMS in India is what email is in the rest of the world. India is a mobile-first market with very high mobile penetration. Internet penetration, though, is still not there yet, making SMS the best tool for businesses and government agencies to communicate with people. Every transaction with a business or a government entity triggers an SMS," wrote Microsoft Garage Project in a blog post.

The free app for Android allows users to set smart reminders, organize SMS Inbox, and customize their Inbox.

Smart Reminders gives updates on upcoming traveling arrangements, movies, and bills that need to pay. SMS Organizer lets users categorize their SMS by different categories such as Important and Promotional categories, making it easier to add SMS messages in different folders. The app also allows users to favorite their SMS messages, block spam, and mark as promotional.

Also, Smart Cards helps user's find exactly what they need when they want it as the algorithm browses through messages within the inbox and highlights important information. This includes everything from timed meetings, ticket numbers for traveling, and seat numbers can all be found in the app.

Even without an internet connection, the app is designed to work offline. The Microsoft Garage Project team wanted to create a mobile application to make it more convenient for Indian mobile users to manage and organize their SMS messages.

The team behind the development of SMS Organizer includes Nikhil Verma, Amit Modi, Happy Kumar Mittal, Kishor Chamua, Pradeep Kumar Amradi, Padmaprabha V, Swasti Gupta, and Suresh Kumar Veeramachaneni.

SMS has always been one of the most popular ways to communicate in India. However, mobile platforms available on the market have not evolved much over time. That's when the team set out to create the app during a Bing Hackathon, where they won an award for their creative ideas and mobile app design.

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